Ceramic Coating

Auto Envy is the industry leader in ceramic car care products for interior & exterior protection.

We are an authorized Auto Envy Coating Installer.

Your investment matters to you. You know that a superior vehicle requires superior care. Just like experts designed your vehicle for optimal performance, our experts painstakingly designed Auto Envy’s product line to provide ultimate protection for your vehicle, inside and out.

Industry Best Warranty (7 Years)
Super Ceramic Protection

What sets Auto Envy apart from other coatings?

Easier Maintenance

Auto Envy offers dirt and water shedding abilities beyond that of any other product available. With the self-cleaning effect provided by Auto Envy, most dirt slides right off during a wash.

Super Hydrophobic Effect

One of the most important features in keeping your vehicle clean is the ability of the protective layer to release water. Auto Envy features a low sliding angle which allows water drops to release easily causing an extreme lotus effect.

Deep Gloss

Auto Envy has developed a reputation among professionals as the richest, deepest, highest gloss coating available. It is important to note that proper depth and gloss is achieved with proper correction and polishing by an experience detailer with a passion for what they do.

Protection From Bugs

They come in all shapes and sizes. Many are highly acidic and can wreak havoc on your paint! A premium ceramic coating protects your car’s paint from an insect’s impact on your vehicle at high speed. Auto Envy also protects your car’s paint from any insect’s acidic contents that spills out onto your paint.

Auto Envy Ceramic Coating Packages

Onyx Graphene Coating

7 Years of Protection
  • Wash/Decontaminate
  • 2 Step Correction
  • 1 Layer to Paint, Glass, Plastic, & Wheels
  • 7 Year Warranty

Leather Coating

1 Year of Protection
  • Leather Cleaned & Prepped
  • 1 Layer Applied to Leather
  • 1 Year Warranty

Quartz Plus

5 Years of Protection
  • Wash/Decontaminate
  • 1-2 Step Correction
  • 1 Layer to Paint & Wheels
  • 5 Year Warranty

Quartz Lite

3 Years of Protection
  • Wash/Decontaminate
  • 1-2 Step Correction
  • 1 Layer to Paint & Wheels
  • 3 Year Warranty

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Prices may vary due to the make or severity of the vehicle. Damaged interiors and stains may not be completely cleaned and removed. Additional Charge for Shampooing Upholstery Seats/3rd Row Seats and Pet Hair Removal.